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OK ANOTHER FOOTBALL AU!! charles is erik’s boyfriend (of course) and he congratulated erik for making it to world cup final by kissing him in the cheek yay!
also i’m slowly creeping back to using lineart because it takes less time apparently??? but more effort. and i’m still learning how to draw cutely with lineart cricri
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Anonymous asked: oh my god speaking of requests, the other day I saw a post talking about having an otp with a big height difference, and one of the bullet points was "the tall one accidentally elbowing the short one in the face" and I've been dying for a cherik interpretation of it ever since omg



I keep finding strange color combos and using them because I think they’re fun. 

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X - dogI think when Erik smiles will be very cute !
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Just from the way of touching, become a gentleman




Charles: Erik…

Erik: What is it?

Charles: What are you doing?

Erik: From my action, isn’t it clear Charles. I am caressing your hair.

Charles: Don’t you hate this hairstyle?

Erik: I hate it, also the beard.


Erik: Just like cat’s hair, it always feels…

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