Erik/Charles fic recs, anyone?


I have lost control of my life.

  1. Fear Death by Water (complete, unf unf unf) I don’t care if it’s someone’s mutation or Hank screwed up some kind of serum again and it exploded all over them, I just need it to happen. Exploration of the aftermath would be ace, too.
  2. Ending AU (complete, this is the ending that i want.) So Charles still gets shot and is crying in Erik’s arms- but instead of leaving, Erik realizes that being vengeful will only ever hurt the man he loves. So he stays with Charles and confesses his ~feelings~ and kisses him and takes care of him as he gets better and they’re beautiful and in love. Please. I need this.
  3. The Experiment (complete) Charles uses his ability to whisper filthy things into Erik’s head while going down on him since, obviously, his mouth would be busy.
  4. Charles projecting his pleasure (2 fills, both complete. the second one is hilarious.)
  5. the cripple (complete, i cried) When Erik leaves at the end of the movie, he doesn’t know that Charles can’t feel his legs and is/will be paralyzed (I believe that Charles didn’t say it till after Erik and Raven were gone on purpose). I want Erik to learn of this a bit later and react (especially with how hard he took that Charles got hurt at all). I don’t want Erik to switch back to Charles’ side.
  6. Open (complete, absolutely heartbreaking) More than anything, Erik wants to protect Charles from the world, from the humans he knows will eventually betray them. There’s an innocence and naivety to Charles, and Erik wants to preserve that for as long as he can. 
  7. La Valse (WIP) Erik and Charles are psychically bonded mysteriously and cannot be apart without physical/psychic pain. Erik starts hearing Charles’s thoughts/feeling his emotions.
  8. Words Will Bring Us Together (WIP) Post-First Class, Raven, Beast, Havok et al scheme to get Erik and Charles back together.
  9. Somebody Break My Heart, Somebody Shake My Brains (WIP, a rock band au! i squealed.) The band is about to go on tour, but when their drummer quits, their plans are shot to hell. Charles knows of one truly brilliant drummer who can fill the spot — Erik Lensherr. Problem is, the guy is an unpredictable, bitter troublemaker. Gimme disastrous rehearsals, ten page long riders, tour bus rides from hell, completely inappropriate interactions with groupies, and Charles/Erik falling in love against their better judgment.
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